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Belarisk :: On Amorphous Dawn (NNA Tapes) CASSETTE With Download

$8 CAD
Belarisk :: On Amorphous Dawn (NNA Tapes) CASSETTE With Download
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Belarisk :: On Amorphous Dawn (NNA Tapes) CASSETTE With Download

$8 CAD
From the NNA Tapes Website:

NNA052: Belarisk “On Amorphous Dawn” c36

Belarisk is a project of Lee Edward Tindall, a fresh Providence, RI resident by way of Massachusetts. Lee has been steadily performing solo and with others over the years, with his various projects Zerfallt, Mutation In The Gryd, Aphid Palisades, Astronaut, and more. As Belarisk, Tindall taps into the more melodic side of experimental electronic music, applying his expert-level technical skills to digital and analog synthesizers and effects. The result is a bold, Americanized interpretation of German school electronics, that not merely repeats the past, but uses its essence to look forward. Belarisk paints with sound in the full spectrum of grey; forging overdriven frenetic malfunction with spacious, tonal glory. Sawtoothed synth lines are tessellated to reflect infinitely, where the sound of electrical current is dissected and manipulated in real-time. Mournful, dark formations of sound occasionally dissipate to reveal the radiant light of possibility. Original cover artwork by the artist.

Listen Here:
Listen to sample


Daniel ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’ Lopatin cohort Lee Tindall returns with this latest collection of warbling synth oddities for the on-form NNA Tapes label. A surprisingly melodic affair, Tindall sidelines his predilection towards extreme noise in favour of the kind of haunting, cavernous riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Aphex Twin album (think SAW1+2). All this, and Tindall has managed to avoid the temptation to plonk a 4/4 over everything in the hope of making ‘techno’ – this is singular stuff, and Tindall’s vision is clear from beginning to end. With a virtuoso technical expertise, we are treated to far more than ‘simply’ synth jams as each track is pushed and pulled through a variety of half-working pedals, mixers and tape machines giving an unpredictability that’s rarely heard in the scene.

Cassette Gods:

first off - i had no intention whatsoever of writing about belarisk - on amorphous dawn, nor did toby or matt send it to me to review (hell, the last thing NNA needs is a bum like me reviewing their tapes for cassette gods - those dudes get all the press they need, and deservingly so). I merely popped this tape on, lit a cig, sat on the couch and starting playing macbook chess when two minutes later - the computer is off, another cig is lit, eyes are closed and i am lost in the dark ambient world of LEE EDWARD TINDAL, the genius behind the music. 

lee has released a slew of tapes and has been playing under various names (zerfalt, mutation in the gryd, etc) since i moved to boston 4 years ago. although i've seen him play quite a few times and own 7 of his releases, it was only recently that I introduced myself to him at a show in providence (where he now resides by way of boston) - the man is as sweet as his music is.

on amorphous dawn is a unique and skilled, utterly beautiful take on analog and digital synth music that covers many spectrums of the genre. my personal favorite parts are the "hooked on bach" (and methodone)-esque moments that are featured more on the A side. However the tape as a whole flows flawlessly from noise, to ambient tonality, and everywhere in between and is extremely well thought out and composed. 

so yea.. i felt it necessary to give this tape a shout and as always, i'm looking forward to seeing what NNA releases next… :D



Tiny Mix Tapes:

Remember that year we virtually blow-jayed NNA Tapes? Oh, wait, we’re not stopping that? Because this here Belarisk On Amorphous Dawn [preview] is like green poop from drinking old wine the night before. Like, feel this: all day long, you got them green poops, and, and it’s so rANDom yet immediately blissful that you can’t deny the satisfaction. Sound familiar? Are you even LISTENING to this sample? Belarisk taming the noisy and transminded on the reel. Feelings of feeling rush to your ears and beat around the bush -err, drum. As if the noises were triggering your brainwave functions from spine to tips to introduce completely lush beams of light sucking your dimensional vision beyond whatever you thought you were before. Oh, I mean: this release is great and is totally individually visual in thought. Don’t believe me? Scope it ASAP at NNA Tapes. It’s been out! Where’ve I been? - By C MONSTER on Mar 11 2013

OMG Vinyl:
Posted on February 5th, 2013

It should come as no surprise that NNA is releasing some great tapes this year, it’s kind of what they do every year. Also what they do: keep their tapes in print. That’s why you can still buy a split tape featuring Caboladies and Oneohtrix Point Never that was released almost 4 years ago. Novel concept. Anyways, we’re particularly digging on this new tape from Belarisk, but because of NNA’s “keep it in print” mentality your options are numerous and varied. Stream a song below, but don’t become complacent because your face is going to get melted at right about two and a half minutes. Checkout at nnatapes.com.


Tabs Out:

2.22.13: Tape Of The Month – February 2013

TITLE: On Amorphous Dawn









I scoped a gaggle of solid cassettes since January’s Tape Of The Month feature (ie: bangers on SicSic,The Centipede FarmFabrica, etc…), but the stand out in the crowd was definitely this 36 minute crusher on NNA Tapes by Belarisk. I’ve seen the name Belarisk in my journeys, but “On Amorphous Dawn” is my intro to Lee Edward Tindall’s work. Yes, he uses his full name. A choice that I feel is only appropriate for serial killers and Presidential assassins, but I’m gonna let Ledward (I’m calling him Ledward) slide because this cassette certainly does “kill it” as the kids say.

Belarisk, who resides in the lovely state of Rhode Island, is self-described “feelings” music. If the sounds that were constructed to formulate this cassette are a representation of Tindall’s feelings, then the dude must’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (Note to the artst: I mean that figuratively. If you really are bipolar, don’t take that personally and go into one of those bipolar rages on me). Laser-focused mood swings are the theme here as the cuts on “On Amorphous Dawn” undulate through an ocean of ideas. The jarring opening track “Portal Play” sounds like Mort Garson’s modem dialing up. Then, after a couple minutes of crunchy, rhythmic pulses, some harsh explosions, and an ambient soundscape or two, you’re jamming some new-agey hypnosis zones with panning squibbles (it’s a word, trust me) poking from left to right. This tape is seriously an eclectic mind fuck for the entire ride. Or, as Dave said on Episode #20 when we played it, “a nice grab bag of goodies”.


I wondered what gear Mr. TIndall used to create this nice grab bag of goodies. So I ask him. Here is what he had to say:

“For Belarisk, my setup has generally always been the same. For “On Amorphous Dawn”, I was composing on a slightly functional Ensoniq ESQ1, building sequences. Then I would run midi to my Akai AX80 as it is fully functional. Those would then combine as a stereo out running through a chain of delays/reverb & through a Jomox T.resonator. Firewire in to this hulking mass of a desktop computer I built a few years back. I used the computer more on this recording to compose the digital debris on ‘Portal Play’ & some of the wave editing/filtering/sequencing of the tracks. The program I used to record is one that I’ve used since I got a cracked full version back in the late 90′s. Can’t clue you in on it, but its VERY CLOSELY associated with Audition, now. There were some rogue reel to reel loops and cassette recorder loops used as well, the Rat pedal, old EHX flanger etc.”

One thing I adore about NNA Tapes (or Nu New Age Tapes if you’re nasty) is their commitment to aesthetics. I picked up the first couple of their releases at a gig I played with label heads Matt (A Snake In The Garden) and Toby (part of Oak) in Emmaus, PA when they first dropped. The half-circle images on the cover, color-matched artist names on the spines and NNA logo on the back flap. The hand painted labels on the shells that rounded out the whole package. It was all so sick. Now, was the Sun Circle / Pregnant Moon C40 blank? Yeah. Yeah, it was. But they replaced it and there hasn’t been a hiccup with this label yet. And they are still rocking that style five years later. The cover for this Belarisk tape didn’t catch my eye at first, but after listening to it a few times, it has definitely grown on me like a fungus. The circle artwork is split into two spheres. The top is a duo of mustard yellows with lines and scratches while the bottom is black and white squiggly lines that sorta look like a close of up John Olson’s text that you can’t really read right away. It’s sort of a great ying-and-yang, night-and-day, juxtaposition that makes awesome sense after you soak in the sounds. An accompanying insert, folded in half, contains all of the info. Another standard with NNA releases.

Check out “Cup of False Halogen”, the 2nd track on Side A

You can still grab this cassette direct from NNA Tapes for seven bones. While you are there be sure to peruse the back catalog, because you’ll find releases by Howard Stelzer, Hex Breaker Quartet, Rale, Drainolith, Doglady, Pulse Emitter, Caboladies/Oneohtrix Point Never,… I’ll be here all fucking day if I go on. Just get to it. I could be wrong, but it would seem that Belarisk only has two other releases out; “Untitled I” (C35, Fadeaway) and “Untitled II” (C34, Semata). Holy shit! It just occurred to me that Belarisk releases are 34, 35, and 36 minutes long. That MUST be on purpose, right? Either way, I think I like this cassette a little bit more now.


You can purchase a copy of Belarisk “On Amorphous Dawn” from NNA Tapes.

You can hear a track on Episode #20 of Tabs Out.

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